KNOTWOOD Battens & Pergolas Add Beauty To Any Project!

Two Part Battens

The next level of style is only a step away with Knotwood’s clip batten system. By adding a trellis

or decorative feature wall, you can make your home stand out with an architectural feature that

will show off your style and design.


Easy Installation

Knotwood’s Clip-batten system is as revolutionary as it is eye-catching. A built-in bracket provides

a unique floating look that hides the unsightly bolts and provides a look you simply can’t get

anywhere else. Backed by over 50 years of experience in the aluminum industry, Knotwood’s

newest system is designed to be easy to install and requires next to zero maintenance.



Are you looking for a feature to set your project apart from the rest? 


 Do you need a cladding system

that won’t fuel a fire or swell and crack during the storm season? 


Why not try Knotwood Cladding?

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